I am a Deaf owner of Ikopo s.r.o firm. Travelling is a life-long dream of mine and that is why I created JASPEL, which is a project that is focused on travelling. I want everyone who sees our logo to know, that they can choose from a variety of travelling activities, such as a weekend experiental Slovak Sign Language course, holiday by the sea all experienced with mixed tourists ( hearing and Deaf). We organize activities where hearing people can learn Slovak Sign Language naturally and where Deaf people from Slovakia or all around the world can meet, for example: Spa stays, kids camps,…I am so glad to be able to create these kinds of opportunities for Deaf people, so that they are able to communicate in sign language, but also for hearing people, to be able to learn sign language. I am honored to be able to share our language and the Deaf culture and create space, where Deaf people are able to travel using their language. I will be adding various offers and events here.